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Buyer's Representation

Purchasing real estate, either for the first-time home buyer or the seasoned vet, can be stressful, complicated and frustrating. In an ideal purchase both sides have all available information about the property, there are no surprises, and the buyer closes on the  best available property at the right price on a timely basis. Our job, as Buyer's Representative, is to make this happen.

We try to make sure that all aspects of purchasing a home or property are fully explained and go smoothly.  Our motto has always been that when we all sit down at the closing table, “everyone knows everything”.  What this means is that there should be no exclamations of “I did not know that!” or “That was not explained to me!”

If you are interested in property in the area, contact us now!

Finding the Right Property Location We help you determine the right area to meet your needs (transportation, accessibility, schools, municipal services)

We will provide comprehensive information on the local real estate market including published comparable sales and insight from our extensive local real estate transactions as well as financing availability and qualifications.

We will help you determine the right property to meet your needs including whether it is readily buildable, has good hunting, outdoor recreational, horticultural  and long term potential and it's cost of upkeep over time.
Making an offer Strategy We are expert negotiators on your behalf whether you are a highly risk-averse bargain hunter or are willing to buy the perfect property at any reasonable cost.
  Contingencies We will work with you to identify any financing, inspection, timing or other contingencies that must be worked into the offer.
  Financing Whether we have helped you pre-qualify for financing with one of the local banks or you need creative solutions, we are prepared to help structure the transaction to meet your budget
Closing the deal Scheduling We work within your timeframe and availability to make sure that all of the critical path tasks are completed correctly on time.
We will refer qualified inspectors for pest, water, septic and general house condition to the buyer and then schedule the inspections and encourage buyer participation or work with the inspector on the buyer's behalf.
Documentation Prior to the closing we will help explain to the buyer all of the documentation needed for a carefree, smooth, no surprise closing.
For the new owner Local Services We will provide you with information about local merchants, vendors and service providers to help you get settled.
  Maintenance If needed, we can help manage the craftsmen and professional maintenance people you need to maintain your new property.
  Management We provide the full spectrum of management services for the vacation property owner.


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