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Selling your property

James Serio Real Estate represents sellers of quality properties and manages all aspects of the marketing and sales process. Bring us your listings and we'll put our team to work to quickly get your property the most exposure in the market and ultimately the best price at sale.

 If you have a property to sell, contact us now!

So, you are thinking of selling...

Know the market

JSRE has access to many information sources to evaluate current market conditions
  Determining Value

Access to many up to date sources of real estate data, we can help to make an informed decision of value for your property.  A  Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is helpful.  A CMA uses currently listed and recently sold properties that are similar to your property as a way to set a listing price.  The listing price should be set that maximizes return to you while at the same time being realistic in the current market.


Preparing the property

This is the area that we get probably the most questions about the selling process.  What should I do to make my property more appealing?  Each property will have some unique elements that can be enhanced to increase curb appeal.  There is a delicate balance between cost and value and we can help to determine the right mix and spend your money wisely.

Marketing the Property

Highlighting property benefits and constraints

You know your property better than we do so we hope you educate us all about your property, the good and the bad. We've worked together to prepare the property to show it in its best light but sometimes you have to market the constraints in the most positive way.

Working Together

Selling your property should be a team approach.  We can do all of the marketing on your behalf but if you have leads in your network of friends, family and aquaintences we love the double team approach. 

We will work with you and explain our advertising program.  Advertising is expensive, so we target your property into the right niche advertising. 

Closing the deal

Evaluating the Offers

Many criteria can be looked at when deciding whether to accept an offer, counter an offer or reject it entirely.  Price, many times is not the only consideration.  It may be necessary to also look at financing contingency, inspection contingencies,  timing of the sale as well as many other factors.  JSRE can help make the best informed decision at the time of sale.


As you get close to selling your property we will make it available for the buyer's inspector, if required.
Documentation Prior to the closing we will explain to you all of the documentation needed for a carefree, smooth, no surprise closing.


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